Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bush fixing Travis and GitLab

Bush fixing Travis and CI

Ever had one of those days?

You are not alone!

This Saturday 9th March 2019, the GHC devs are going to announce that git:// has been decommissioned. The new official upstream GHC will be

Sadly (for us) this broke ghc-lib CI's Travis linux configuration.

What does our CI do? The ghc-lib CI script pulls down the latest GHC sources and builds and tests them as a ghc-lib. The details of the problem are that Travis gives you a broken Ubuntu where cloning the official URL fails with a TLS “handshake error”. More generally, any Travis job that tries to git clone over the https protocol from a GitLab remote will fail the same way.

This .travis.yml shows a workaround. The idea is to spin up a container before install that doesn’t have this problem and clone from there. The essential bits are:

- docker

# [Why we git clone on linux here]
# At this time, `git clone`
# from within `CI.hs` does not work on on linux. This appears to be a
# known Travis/ubuntu SSL verification issue. We've tried many less
# drastic workarounds. This grand hack is the only way we've found so
# far that can be made to work.
- |
    if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "linux" ]]; then
      docker pull alpine/git
      docker run -ti --rm -v ${HOME}:/root -v $(pwd):/git \
        alpine/git clone /git/ghc --recursive

Note, MacOS docker services aren’t supported but that’s OK! The TLS handshake problem doesn’t exhibit in that configuration.

Update : It turns out that while this issue exists in Ubuntu 14.04 which Travis uses by default, it is “fixed” in Ubuntu 16.04. So by writing dist: xenial in your .travis.yml file, the above workaround can be avoided.